Tradition: Transformed

Crafting the new standard in investment solutions.
Reinventing wealth management.
Opportunities? Seized.
Status quo? Challenged.

Fresh Perspectives Pay Dividends

We love the tried-and-true as much as the never-been-done-before. We infuse innovation and collaboration into everything we do. We believe education empowers and information liberates. Our fresh approach and mindset positively transforms tradition. We help people live the life they want by making the most of their money.

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When you’re a financial advisor with us, what you do won’t change. How you do it will. Let’s transform lives together.


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Make your money work for you. Invest in our funds, learn about our fixed income strategies, or let us manage your personal wealth.


October 2012

Garrison Point founded

December 2012

Launched SMA platform for HNW clients & insurance underwriters

May 2013

Launched Limited Partnership platform

May 2015

Launched mutual fund

July 2017

Garrison Point* RAUM
$1 billion

April 2018

Launched wealth management platform

March 2020

Garrison Point* RAUM
$1.9 billion

* Garrison Point Capital, LLC, Garrison Point Funds, LLC, and Garrison Point Advisors, LLC are collectively referred to as “Garrison Point”


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